Fliteboard Junior Discovery

Newly created H2O program

€175,00 EUR

For any youth between 12 and 15, this new and unique adapted program is for you.

Our certified instructor will help you discover the joy of eFoiling through fun learning. No experience needed.

This program is performed on a Fliteboard AIR, which is an inflatable board that offers the most stability before foiling.

What is it ?

A Fliteboard is a premium stylish modern electric surfboard with hydrofoil (or eFoil) from the Australian company Flite. Under the surfboard is a mast and underwater wings with an electric motor and gives the sensation of flying over water.
Carving like a snowboard in fresh powder, but with the freedom to ride anywhere, anytime, without wind or waves.
No emissions, no noise and no wake, the Fliteboard is fast and quiet.

Equipment & requirements

. rate includes a briefing, teaching & supervision on water by a certified Flite instructor.
. helmet and impact vest are provided and mandatory.

You can choose between 1 participant & 2 participants by filling the "Quantity" field in the booking form

Freedom & Safety, all at once

  • Trained Experts

    We are the only certified FliteSchool and Seabob Beach Center in the Caribbean and our team is formed by trained WaterSports experts.

  • Sustainable

    As we are aware of our endangered Caribbean environment, we make sure to take care of the wildlife and chose to use electric seatoys only.

  • Friends & Family

    Our services are designed to feel good for everyone. Feel free to contact us for groups inquiries.