Jobe Sofa Sonar IV Tubing

€50,00 EUR

50€ per person.

TUBING is only about bouncing through the waves, big splashes, big screams.

The Jobe Sofa Sonar is a luxurious 4 person tube for the entire family and extrem fun.

Exclusively in St Jean’s Bay.


Freedom & Safety, all at once

  • Trained Experts

    We are the only certified FliteSchool and Seabob Beach Center in the Caribbean and our team is formed by trained WaterSports experts.

  • Sustainable

    As we are aware of our endangered Caribbean environment, we make sure to take care of the wildlife and chose to use electric seatoys only.

  • Family Friendly

    Our services are designed to feel good for everyone. Feel free to contact us for groups inquiries.